Corporate Values

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Corporate Values

Service Mind

We have been providing excellent service for your best experience and satisfaction.


Having a positive idea or attitude positive speech Focus on good things, be able to think of tasks, or be able to solve problems you encounter. to go smoothly and go well.


We keep developing our teams, skills, services and products to be a leader of air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical system

Result Orientation

We are emphasizing every detail in our work to reach our goal and success.


We always value our customer’s trust with our working standard and always maintain the reasonable price


We work and reach the same goal together with our professional team.

Sangchai's Business Ethics


Empathetic, caring for each other, ready to listen and give advice to cheer up.


Do everything with sincerity Transparency does not deceive both in front and behind the scenes. both with employees, organizations, customers and business partners.


Operate honestly and honestly to colleagues, organizations, customers and partners with honesty, integrity, and maintain company confidentiality. Uphold the accuracy and do not seek personal gain.


Work together to build trust Trust to maintain and protect the image of colleagues, organizations, customers and partners.


There is generosity, mutual support, sharing, sacrifice, empathy and appreciation for each other. to alleviate the problem and join in creating beautiful things.


Respect for human dignity treat each other equally have good manners Know their roles and duties, do not discriminate, and respect each other.


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