The 7 business of Sangchai Group

The 7 business groups of Sangchai Group

 Sangchai Group We are distributors and service providers of refrigeration systems. power distribution system with full service With expertise from more than 40 years of experience, we have expanded our business into 7 segments which are currently operating with a focus on sustainable development. coupled with reducing energy consumption with the solution of Sangchai Group Energy saving solution


  1. Air conditioning system business group

Business Group importing and distributing equipment and parts used in air conditioning systems such as compressors, flow control equipment, installation-repair-maintenance equipment for air-conditioning systems more than 10,000 items from leading brands worldwide.

  1. Refrigeration business group

Business Group Manufacturer, importer and distributor of solutions for refrigeration work both commercial to large industrial by focusing on energy-saving technology and high efficiency ready to give advice System design and engineering services by specialized engineers

  1. Power Distribution System Business Group

Business Group, manufacturer of switchboards and low-voltage power distribution systems under IEC 61439-1,-2,-3 with a production process that meets international standards To ensure safety and support the needs of future customers Ready to distribute equipment for electrical systems that are used from within the household to the industrial plant

  1. Data Center Infrastructure Business Group

Business Group Computer Data Center Specialist products are available installation service and system design such as uninterruptible power supply Climate-controlled air conditioning system Computer Data Center Management System small computer data center with a team of consulting services 24 hours a day

  1. Hand tools business group

Business group, importer and distributor Various types of hand tools, such as cordless electrician tools, air conditioner tools measuring instrument Meet every practical application from trusted brands around the world Products are constantly evolving. with a comprehensive after-sales service center

  1. Home appliances business group

Importer and distributor business group household electrical appliances Premium levels such as air purifiers, air conditioners, hot-water heaters, water dispensers that are quality and have been widely accepted by users around the world.

  1. Business Group Building control system

Equipment distributor business group for Indoor control systems such as temperature control devices water flow control device wind control control the use of electricity Support for all building management system tasks with consulting, design and after-sales service with expert engineers

If your customers are looking for products and services in air conditioning system cooling system power supply system Infrastructure Data center Tools electrical appliance building control system You can contact us with Sangchai. We are ready to serve you wholeheartedly. In order for customers to receive products and services that meet the needs and best

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